Akashic Records Soul Purpose Package

You are here because:

  • You feel disconnected to your Spirituality
  • You are a hamster on a wheel
  • You don’t what your Soul’s Purpose is
  • You are confused of what your gifts and talents are
  • You are unable to express your truth
  • You feel bored with your current business and/or relationships
  • You have unhealthy relationship with men, women and money
  • You have been taking courses for your growth to move forward, and find yourself getting nowhere
  • You are READY to ALIGN to your SOUL’S PURPOSE!

In this three month journey through your Akashic Records you will be removing your blocks, healing your relationship dynamics with yourself and others so that you realign back to your Soul’s Purpose and live the life of your Divine Birthright!

By removing deep seated programming you allow yourself to tap into your ultimate Truth and cultivate your Soul’s desire.

Your Akashic Records is the deepest healing tool that holds all the information about your soul, and by accessing them, You are able to fully align to your Soul’s purpose, release any limiting patterns Being all that you are, and Co-create your new reality.

So are you ready to live your Soul’s Purpose?

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6 Akashic Record Soul Readings

Investment: $1500 (Regular Value $2100)

Full Payment Subscription
$1500 3 Payments @ $500 per month