I worked with Baljit in her 3 month Star* Purpose Program. I was at a point in my life and work where although I knew what my life purpose was but I was feeling stuck and had some fears around becoming fully visible.

Working with Baljit was healing, enlightening and soothing and that was exactly what I needed.

Her insights and gifts are profound and receiving my own personal Star Activation and guidance around it was literally life changing.
Since I began working with Baljit I have been on National Radio, I am organizing Akashic Records Healing circles both locally in Halifax, NS and on my site, to enable clients to heal their Financial Story and I’m feeling incredibly empowered to fully fulfill my own purpose as a healer.
Honestly, I hardly recognize myself as compared to the woman I was 3 months ago.
I would highly recommend Baljit and one of her programs to anyone – when you are ready, she can help you to facilitate big changes in your life!
Many, many thanks, Baljit!

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