I manifested partnering with Baljit to uncover my true self. Before partnering with Baljit, I found myself having self-sabotage patterns, insecure and unsure of myself in many areas of my life. Since working with her I have feel whole and complete now, am enjoying a new found relationship with myself and others and attracting abundance into my life at all levels.

In participating in the 8 week Goddess Program, her 6 month Divine Goddess Soul Purpose Program, and now in the 12 month Divine Goddess Creative Visionary Program, I recognized many shifts in the different areas of my life. I appreciated the topic calls in her 8 week Goddess Program as it gave me a greater insight into the particular challenges I was having.

I stepped into my Goddess power. I realized that I am the reason why I had such an amazing life. I created it all along.

I realized I am so beautiful the way I am. My physical body is beautiful as are all my energy bodies.

I recognized the areas I deferred my power before to other females or males.

I keep shining now.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For these enlightening programs.


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