I am so grateful for the work that I’ve done with Baljit!  I never could have imagined the shifts and growth that have resulted because of my twice monthly sessions with her.  Baljit embodies a pure light, wisdom, and love that is absolutely congruent with the healing work she facilitates.  She creates a spacious and compassionate field of illumination, in which I found myself having revelation after revelation, and healing deeply ingrained patterns that no longer serve me.

The energetic dynamics that hold us back from our highest potential are not easy to see on our own!  That’s where Baljit comes in.  Her information and insight is precise and helpful.  Not only does she shed light to help you see what patterns you’re stuck in, she helps you clear those patterns and open up to a new way of being that is aligned with your highest good.

Throughout our sessions, I experienced a healing of my relationships with my parents, involving aspects I hadn’t even been aware of existing between us.   I also had breakthroughs in regards to who I am in my business, my friendships, and with my Sweetheart.  Over the months of our sessions I have become a different person.  One with more confidence, clarity and permission to be myself.  This expansion of my beingness allows me to bring myself even more fully to my work in the world, and has created a new vision in regards to what I am creating.

It’s hard for me to pinpoint all the specific shifts, because once they are made, there’s no going back!  What I know is that Baljit has been the perfect guide and healer for me, she arrived in my life at the perfect time, and my work with her has been the best investment of my year.  I am beyond grateful!

* Note: I’ve also taken Baljit’s Sex and Sensuality class, all three levels of Akashic Record training, and have invested in a personal Star Activation which is becoming the new logo for my business.  And, I am committed to continuing with one-on-one sessions.  Each of these are investments I continue to rave about with anyone interested in making quantum leaps and supporting their conscious growth.  Whatever Baljit leads, she leads with radiance and brilliance!


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