I have been working with Baljit for the past year – and what a year it has been!  In January 2017, I feel like a completely different person than I did in January 2016.  When I had my first Akashic Records reading with Baljit I felt like my life had crumbled to pieces, and it had in many ways.  I remember being so listless and sad, however, Baljit was able to gently assist me in taking responsibility for where I was and for how I got there.  She taught me that the outside world is a reflection of our inner world and that my life was being dictated by all of the limiting beliefs that I had formed about myself as a result of my life experiences.  During my sessions with Baljit, she enabled me to see how my own negative beliefs were getting in the way of my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  And what’s more, she showed me that these limiting beliefs were misconceptions that lacked any truth.  You see, when we have difficult life experiences we form ideas about ourselves that are simply not true.  When you are able to see that, it is truly liberating.  Baljit has helped me to see that negative thoughts attract additional negativity and that truly loving, accepting, and nurturing yourself is the only way to attract the things that you want out of life.  In this process, Baljit has assisted me in letting go of the past and facilitated my move forward with intention and purpose.  Today, I feel grateful, happy, and excited about my future.  I recommend Baljit without hesitation.


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