I have been on a fast pace healing journey in the lather part of 2009.I got invited through a friend and was not sure if I wanted to go as we live 1,5 hr away. When I mentioned it too my 12yr old daughter she said:”Dad we HAVE to go”.

Taking her wisdom over my practicality we went. Traffic was heavy and I got the msg to go off the highway early,good we did otherwise we would not make it. Baljit explained that you have to be ready to come otherwise you may get a flat tire or get stuck in traffic.Then I knew we were supposed to be here!

The Star Activation™ is an relaxed guided meditation whereby Baljit intuitively shared her insights on letting go and affirmations.They were so profound and right on ,for me regarding relationships and letting go,as they came up everything became lighter and more relaxed. It gave me more confidence to not worry and everything will take care of it self. I felt an other step closer to where I want to be in life.

I look forward to do it again.


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