Working one-on-one with Baljit was such a gift. From our very first session, she zeroed in on precisely what was at play in my life — patterns, blocks, beliefs — and gently provided me with the awareness necessary to cause a big shift in so many areas of my life. During our 3 months together, we dove deep and I emerged with a sense of lightness and clarity that stuck with me and enabled me to take empowered action.

Not only was Baljit dead-on accurate and helpful, but she was a total joy to work with. I laughed during every session and felt totally and completely enveloped in love during those 3 months. Each week I would look forward to our time together, excited about what would unfold. I was never disappointed. In fact, our work together, and the benefits I received from it, exceeded my expectations. With the help of Baljit’s insight, loving presence, and encouragement, I was able to unleash my authentic self and live that truth in my everyday life.

I am so very grateful for Baljit and her work in the world. I can’t recommend working with her highly enough. She’s powerful, brilliant, fun, and she’ll rock your world!


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