I had been drawn to the Akashic Records for a while when I connected with Baljit, and immediately decided to partner with her for a 6 session Akashic Records package. I was at a time in my life where I felt stuck, confused, and unhappy. I felt dissatisfied with my professional life and unsupported in my longing for more. I had many friends, yet felt my personal life was not what I would have hoped. I worked with Baljit on releasing blocks, limiting beliefs and fears keeping me from moving forward. With each session⁄intuitive reading, I could feel subtle changes in my outlook on life, which, in turn, were reflected in my outer world. Phone calls that used to hurt and trigger me were suddenly more palatable, once negative patterns were cleared from the relationship. Unexpected professional and personal opportunities appeared once I opened up to receiving them. My life didn’t drastically change from one day to the next, but Baljit helped me dissolve outdated baggage and make space for the new, for creating a life that I really enjoyed. And that is what is happening for me now, having manifested a dream-job and moved to a new city that feels like home.

Baljit has a presence that is kind and light, she is easy to trust and to talk to. She has exceptional gifts and insights that are always spot-on. I would highly recommend working with her. Co-creating with Baljit is a journey of healing and self-discovery that allows us to connect with the Divine.

A process that Baljit taught me and that I now use daily is called “Declaring my day”. When I wake up in the morning (and at other moments), I express what I desire to experience, I see and feel this desire, and life unfolds so smoothly from this point of attraction. Using this process, I am simply far less stressed, and far more joyful than I used to be. Baljit offers guidance that is filled with love, ease and grace, and she teaches us to experience life from this vantage point.

I also participated in one of Baljit’s group programs, the “Sex and Sensuality Healing Intensive”. This has also been a transformative experience that contributed to reconnecting my intellect with my body, and to opening myself up to receiving pleasure without guilt or judgment.

Thank you, beautiful Baljit. You are a light in this world, and I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to co-create with you. I look forward to our next co-creative adventure!


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