Looking back at my life 3 months ago to now is unbelievable. I would have never said I would end up here, in a million years! I did not realize that my life was going to make a drastic change for the better. It all started when a mutual friend between us told me about a deal Baljit was having and that night I signed up to have my first session.  At that time I didn’t know I would be breaking up with my boyfriend of three years on January 2, 2015, three days before my call with her.  Before the breakup I knew that my old relationship wasn’t the best as I had changed into a person I did not like.  I thought to myself and hoped my call with Baljit could help my relationship and me for the better.  It did, but in a completely different way.  She let me understand that this happened for a reason, as 2015 was my year and no better way to kick start it.  She helped me understand things that were happening in my life, why they were, and how things in the past were still affecting me today.  Let me tell you that first session was amazing, even though I balled my eyes out like a little baby, but once all was said and done I felt amazing as if a huge weight was taken off of me.  

Soon after that she told me about her 3 month program, and I wasn’t completely sure about it but I knew that if I didn’t do it, I would be regretting it.  So once again I signed up for another 6 sessions with Baljit.  In the last 3 months, so many things in my life got dealt with, settled, and got looked at a different perspective.  She helped guide me to become the person I am today, as she was always there to catch me and put me back on my feet, with no judgement and only love.  Throughout the time of my sessions, the universe was testing me everyday and still is today but with the tools she has provided me I know I can get though each one.
Since my sessions, strangers come up to me and compliment me on how much I glow.  Teachers and friends from school have noticed a huge energetic change within me and always mention it when I see them.  My courage, compassion and happiness has returned and many other good qualities I have ignored for the past 3 years of my life.  Baljit is a wonderful soul, and I could have never asked for a better person to help guide me through this process.  Bonus is she has a laugh you will never forget and makes you want to join in with her.
I suggest to everyone to have sessions with her, and I know if I am in need of her services again I will not hesitate.  Baljit has helped me become the person I used to be, where I was always happy and barely let anything bothered me but even better than I could have imagined.  She inspires you to become more.  Before our calls I was so toxic inside and out, but now I feel like I float everywhere with a smile on my face.  Even with the universe testing me, life is becoming easier and I’m being able to understand it better.  Only thanks to Baljit with her guidance, kind words and wisdom.

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