It’s interesting how synchronistic events bring you into contact with life changing experiences.  I met Baljit in June 2014 at a conference in Park City, Utah, and was impressed with her presentation and her command of language that bridged energies and realms, seen and unseen.  A few months later, I was directly guided through a dream to contact her and subsequently began working with her personally.  I was truly moved at how clearly and quickly she was able to communicate with me on so many levels.  

During our time together I cleared emotional blocks, reframed how I viewed myself, and received powerful guidance that has reshaped my life.   Each delightful session with Baljit helped me ground and center in my soul path more and more.  I was able to address some concerns I had as I transitioned myself and my business into a new area, and felt completely supported as I was encouraged to share my talents and express myself as an intuitive.  I feel humbled and honored to have received loving and direct messages from my guides during our visits.   

Traversing very old patterns and conditionings can be rocky ground where injuries and pain can be deterrents to healing.  With a graceful sweetness, Baljit acted as a benevolent guide as I released blocks, and moved into the next level of development my soul was yearning for.  I was astounded at the shift that happened!

I also received clarity of my role as a jewelry artist that guides me as I create a powerful line of Silver Sacred Keys, as energetic talismans designed to “Unlock Your Divine Potential”.   As I establish myself as one who moves energies intuitively, and co-creates through sacred alchemy, I see how the powerful earthly elements used in my jewelry resonate with individuals to help them align with their own divine paths.  I am in awe over my role of helping others release density and resonate at higher levels. 

I could feel a powerful positive shift in my being when I first received my Soul Blueprint from Baljit, and the subsequent activations that have occurred are deep and profound.  Baljit’s gift of intuitively creating a visual representation of a soul’s overview is priceless.  Combine that with her ability to communicate with other realms, and be a clear channel for each soul that is working with her, is a gift to this planet!  

I am honored to have been part of this process, and treasure the friendship we’ve developed.  I look forward to more interactions!

Thank you Baljit, for the beauty of you!


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