My inner Goddess is definitely awakened! During the Goddess Program, shifts happen immediately and answers to many big life questions I held internally seemed to appear before me.  I began to find courage in speaking my truth and facing my fears. When you hear yourself say it aloud, the truth holds more meaning because you are admitting that shifts need to happen and your issues can no longer be ignored.

All done with joy, love, ease and grace…

Along this journey of reconnecting to myself, I also connected with other like-minded Goddesses so that I could see where my soul journey was heading. People and ideas that no longer serve me seem to drop away without struggle. These people were replaced with even more fabulous like-minded individuals. I also began connecting friends with other women and I felt of great service to them because they were so grateful to meet other shining women.  We were all attracting into our lives the souls we needed to meet.

I became free from the blocks that were holding me down and I feel the greater sense of freedom that I always longed for.  Now, I can focus on what brings me joy and what is more meaningful to my life and this allows my light to shine brighter.

When the light within you shines brighter, your physical appearance begins to radiate and you will gain an outward confidence that is noticeable to others. They will wonder why and how this change came about and will want to learn your secret! This transformation
occurs throughout the 8 week program and in the end, a beautiful Goddess will
emerge that is you…beautiful radiant you.

I also learned to be aware of my thoughts and energy and could direct it to areas that needed it most and ignoring things that did not matter… Before the Goddess program, I would have ignored all these signs and may have put my own health at risk.  What being a Goddess means is to be aware and to be in tune with your inner thoughts and also your
body.  Take time to really listen to yourself because the answers are truly right there.  We must improve on hearing that little voice inside our heart. This is where you will find the truth.



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