I worked with Baljit for a whole year and can’t say enough about how INCREDIBLE it was. Baljit is extremely gifted, direct, non-judgemental and will get to the heart of any matter you’re willing to confront. She is respectful of your boundaries but will challenge you to grow as well. Baljit’s powerful intuition, coupled with her playfulness created a fantastic coaching experience for me. Healing one aspect of myself had a huge ripple effect into all the other areas of my life.

Baljit helped me to understand the core dynamics of my personal relationships. In any areas where I was confused or conflicted Baljit helped shift belief systems, heal past traumas, and release anything that didn’t serve my highest good! Needless to say I am more assertive, confident and discerning in relationships. Some friendships have healed up, and others have shifted dramatically for the better. My sex life is better too :)

During my year with Baljit I launched my dream website justdo1thing.com, which is part of my divine purpose. Baljit helped me overcome insecurities related to living my dreams. Issues included feeling pressured by time, fear of being ‘seen’, navigating other business people properly, money management, goal setting, feeling judged or not good enough and finding my ‘flow’.

If you’re ready to shift and grow, and are committed to learning and self development Baljit is your girl! 2013 was one of the most transformative years of my life and it can be for you too :)


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