When I first met Baljit, I felt a force greater than me drawing me to work with her. I started to have visions and immediately connect with spirit. Deep within myself I knew that profound healing would occur. After the first Akashic Record reading, I was already feeling shifts within myself. Each time we worked together, something new and unexpected would come up and I was able to let go and move forward. I realized things about myself that I had hidden and forgotten to deal with in the process, and was able to see and heal those things. Things have shifted in each area of my life, from my sex life with my husband to my relationships with women, the way that I interact with myself, my relationship with food and my body and how I look at the process of life. I trust more in the outcome, even when I can’t see what or how it will turn out. I am less panicked and more calm, trusting in myself and the guidance system that I have. At the beginning of this healing journey, I felt like I needed answers, and that someone would be able to give those to me. I thought that someone else could tell me what I was supposed to do and who I really was. I even thought that this person would be Baljit. Through our six sessions together I was able to realize that these answers are already a part of me, they are my truth. I was empowered to create my own reality and I came to life in the process. I now know that my soul will shine as bright as I will allow it to if I just trust and let go. Working with Baljit and within my own Akashic Records has broken me open and I live in constant gratitude for this process. With my whole heart I recommend working with Baljit and within your own Akashic Records. The investment that I made in the 6 session Akashic Record package is one I felt joyful to make and has allowed me to grow into my own true and abundant potential. Thank you beautiful Baljit for your light and encouragement!


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