Success Stories

Caroline PrudHomme

Chicago, Illinois

I had been drawn to the Akashic Records for a while when I connected with Baljit, and immediately decided to partner with her for a 6 session Akashic Records package. I was at a time in my life where I felt stuck, confused, and unhappy. I felt dissatisfied with my professional life and unsupported in my longing for more. I had many friends, yet felt my personal life was not what I would have hoped. I worked with Baljit on releasing blocks, limiting beliefs and fears keeping me from moving forward. With each session⁄intuitive reading, I could feel subtle changes in my outlook on life, which, in turn, were reflected in my outer world. Phone calls that used to hurt and trigger me were suddenly more palatable, once negative patterns were cleared from the relationship. Unexpected professional and personal opportunities appeared once I opened up to receiving them. My life didn’t drastically change from one day to the next, but Baljit helped me dissolve outdated baggage and make space for the new, for creating a life that I really enjoyed. And that is what is happening for me now, having manifested a dream-job and moved to a new city that feels like home.

Baljit has a presence that is kind and light, she is easy to trust and to talk to. She has exceptional gifts and insights that are always spot-on. I would highly recommend working with her. Co-creating with Baljit is a journey of healing and self-discovery that allows us to connect with the Divine.

A process that Baljit taught me and that I now use daily is called “Declaring my day”. When I wake up in the morning (and at other moments), I express what I desire to experience, I see and feel this desire, and life unfolds so smoothly from this point of attraction. Using this process, I am simply far less stressed, and far more joyful than I used to be. Baljit offers guidance that is filled with love, ease and grace, and she teaches us to experience life from this vantage point.

I also participated in one of Baljit’s group programs, the “Sex and Sensuality Healing Intensive”. This has also been a transformative experience that contributed to reconnecting my intellect with my body, and to opening myself up to receiving pleasure without guilt or judgment.

Thank you, beautiful Baljit. You are a light in this world, and I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to co-create with you. I look forward to our next co-creative adventure!

Summer 2013

Diane DeGiorgio

Writer, adventurer, yoga-lover and practitioner
Its All About Yoga
South Carolina

Working one-on-one with Baljit was such a gift. From our very first session, she zeroed in on precisely what was at play in my life — patterns, blocks, beliefs — and gently provided me with the awareness necessary to cause a big shift in so many areas of my life. During our 3 months together, we dove deep and I emerged with a sense of lightness and clarity that stuck with me and enabled me to take empowered action.

Not only was Baljit dead-on accurate and helpful, but she was a total joy to work with. I laughed during every session and felt totally and completely enveloped in love during those 3 months. Each week I would look forward to our time together, excited about what would unfold. I was never disappointed. In fact, our work together, and the benefits I received from it, exceeded my expectations. With the help of Baljit’s insight, loving presence, and encouragement, I was able to unleash my authentic self and live that truth in my everyday life.

I am so very grateful for Baljit and her work in the world. I can’t recommend working with her highly enough. She’s powerful, brilliant, fun, and she’ll rock your world!


Andrea Palencia

Connecter, Leaper, Goddess of Love
Victoria, BC

When I first met Baljit, I felt a force greater than me drawing me to work with her. I started to have visions and immediately connect with spirit. Deep within myself I knew that profound healing would occur. After the first Akashic Record reading, I was already feeling shifts within myself. Each time we worked together, something new and unexpected would come up and I was able to let go and move forward. I realized things about myself that I had hidden and forgotten to deal with in the process, and was able to see and heal those things. Things have shifted in each area of my life, from my sex life with my husband to my relationships with women, the way that I interact with myself, my relationship with food and my body and how I look at the process of life. I trust more in the outcome, even when I can’t see what or how it will turn out. I am less panicked and more calm, trusting in myself and the guidance system that I have. At the beginning of this healing journey, I felt like I needed answers, and that someone would be able to give those to me. I thought that someone else could tell me what I was supposed to do and who I really was. I even thought that this person would be Baljit. Through our six sessions together I was able to realize that these answers are already a part of me, they are my truth. I was empowered to create my own reality and I came to life in the process. I now know that my soul will shine as bright as I will allow it to if I just trust and let go. Working with Baljit and within my own Akashic Records has broken me open and I live in constant gratitude for this process. With my whole heart I recommend working with Baljit and within your own Akashic Records. The investment that I made in the 6 session Akashic Record package is one I felt joyful to make and has allowed me to grow into my own true and abundant potential. Thank you beautiful Baljit for your light and encouragement!


Christina Seitz

Alchemical Intuitive Goddess Coach
How To Be A Goddess
Edmonton, Alberta

Before I worked with Baljit I felt like I was stuck in a place where it was difficult for me to create what I desired in my life. I did not feel like I was living my divine purpose and I was struggling to move forward with ease and grace. Working with Baljit brought huge transformation into my life. Our work healed the underlying issues that were keeping me stuck and allowed me to move forward in my life with excitement and passion. Baljit helped me to get clarity about how I wanted to create my business and how to be the person that I needed to be to support that divine vision. Our work together has supported me in feeling anchored in my own goddess power and confident in my divine purpose and my value in being here. If your soul is longing for your own transformation, Baljit is the Goddess to work with! Take the leap and start the next stage of your own evolutionary journey.


Mick Lolekonda

Founder of Red Snakers Mediaworks
Red Sneakers Mediaworks
Vancouver BC

My fiancee and I had a chance to listen to one of Baljit’s Star Activation Healings on “Activating Your Alchemical Self” and what an experience! I came out of it grounded, energized and with a clear mind. I remember my fiancée experiencing total relaxation and having her creativity stimulated (she’s a painter and suddenly had all these ideas to implement). Thank you for the experience Baljit! Recommending people to you will be easy and our pleasure.

Kelly Canull

Kelly Canull

Soul Coach and Author of: An Inward Journey: A Guide to Living Your Best Life
Kelly Canull Soul Coaching
Boulder, Colorado

As a Soul Coach, I felt it was important to find someone who could really “get me” and assist me to clear out the old with great precision, grace and ease. Working with Baljit has been worlds beyond what I could have imagined I would get out of a partnership of this nature. Before working with Baljit, I was living a lot of my life putting others needs before my own. Since working with her I have balanced my inner masculine and feminine energies, opened up to being of service to others where my needs and desires have room to come first and aligned with receiving an abundance of money that has started to flow in effortlessly into my life. My work with Baljit has awakened my heart’s desires in a whole new way and it feels amazing.

Tracy Lydiatt

Tracy Lydiatt – B.Sc, M.Sc

#1 bestselling author
The Green Families Guru
Vancouver BC

Baljit’s ability to hone in on blockages you might have within you is amazing. These blockages might be stopping you from accessing your divine self, connecting with your true essence and amping up your goddess self confidence and energy. Whatever it is for you, Baljit is a master at supporting you to find it, bless it and send it along it’s merry way, leaving room for so much more positive, amazing goddess energy to come in. She has helped me clarify many blockages and shift them in a loving way. The benefits have been tangible in both my personal life and business. She is an amazing lady!


April Tioseco Bellia

Founder, Creator and Director of Sales & Marketing
The Granola Girl
Vancouver BC

My inner Goddess is definitely awakened! During the Goddess Program, shifts happen immediately and answers to many big life questions I held internally seemed to appear before me.  I began to find courage in speaking my truth and facing my fears. When you hear yourself say it aloud, the truth holds more meaning because you are admitting that shifts need to happen and your issues can no longer be ignored.

All done with joy, love, ease and grace…

Along this journey of reconnecting to myself, I also connected with other like-minded Goddesses so that I could see where my soul journey was heading. People and ideas that no longer serve me seem to drop away without struggle. These people were replaced with even more fabulous like-minded individuals. I also began connecting friends with other women and I felt of great service to them because they were so grateful to meet other shining women.  We were all attracting into our lives the souls we needed to meet.

I became free from the blocks that were holding me down and I feel the greater sense of freedom that I always longed for.  Now, I can focus on what brings me joy and what is more meaningful to my life and this allows my light to shine brighter.

When the light within you shines brighter, your physical appearance begins to radiate and you will gain an outward confidence that is noticeable to others. They will wonder why and how this change came about and will want to learn your secret! This transformation
occurs throughout the 8 week program and in the end, a beautiful Goddess will
emerge that is you…beautiful radiant you.

I also learned to be aware of my thoughts and energy and could direct it to areas that needed it most and ignoring things that did not matter… Before the Goddess program, I would have ignored all these signs and may have put my own health at risk.  What being a Goddess means is to be aware and to be in tune with your inner thoughts and also your
body.  Take time to really listen to yourself because the answers are truly right there.  We must improve on hearing that little voice inside our heart. This is where you will find the truth.



Annette Blenkarn

Bewitched Business Writing
Vancouver BC

Baljit’s Goddess Program provided me with a new trajectory in life.  For me, it was a 2-degree shift in consciousness that made a big difference as I progressed down my path.  If it was not for Baljit’s coaching, I would have had more obstacles to overcome with reaching my goals and aspirations.  She is a powerful healer, and is a teacher that is committed to being a clear conduit for her students and clients.  I highly recommend Baljit for laser coaching with removing any blocks that may be showing up in your life.


Manpreet Dhillon

Essence Coach
Into Essence Coaching
Vancouver BC

I manifested partnering with Baljit to uncover my true self. Before partnering with Baljit, I found myself having self-sabotage patterns, insecure and unsure of myself in many areas of my life. Since working with her I have feel whole and complete now, am enjoying a new found relationship with myself and others and attracting abundance into my life at all levels.

In participating in the 8 week Goddess Program, her 6 month Divine Goddess Soul Purpose Program, and now in the 12 month Divine Goddess Creative Visionary Program, I recognized many shifts in the different areas of my life. I appreciated the topic calls in her 8 week Goddess Program as it gave me a greater insight into the particular challenges I was having.

I stepped into my Goddess power. I realized that I am the reason why I had such an amazing life. I created it all along.

I realized I am so beautiful the way I am. My physical body is beautiful as are all my energy bodies.

I recognized the areas I deferred my power before to other females or males.

I keep shining now.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For these enlightening programs.