Star Activation™ Global Healing

This Star Activation™ healing will focus on healing the lines of limiting cultural programming from ethnic, tribal, religious, gender, and family culture.

Culture is important to have in sharing your authentic values and practices.  It is when your cultural programming becomes incongruent to your Soul’s purpose that it stifles your growth and expansion in accessing your ultimate potential.

Limiting cultural programming transfers into relationships, businesses and work place creating a culture of procreation when your soul thrives on co-creation. 

Procreation is like generating offspring that can create deep imprinting, whereas co-creation is a soul driven empowered process by accessing your unique Soul’s Blueprint creating a high valued experience in sharing your gifts.

Are you someone who…

  • Fears expressing your truth
  • Frustrated with hiding your gifts
  • Plays it “safe” without taking big leap to follow your own inner calling
  • Spends a lot of time taking care of other people’s needs and very little for yourself
  • Knows you have a purpose but fears you will not be supported
  • Is ready to put your soul’s purpose first and put it to action!

Receive your Star Activation Healing on “Step into Your Power – Release Your Cultural Barriers

Benefits from receiving a Star Activation Healing

  • Re-align to your soul’s purpose and your gifts
  • Clear blocks in relationship and business
  • Release stagnant energies keeping you from your authentic self
  • Tap into vitality and your own healing abilities

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How can I best prepare for my Star Activation™ Healing?

Simply create a comfortable and sacred space for yourself, and dial into the bridge line using any telephone or listen online.  As the call begins I will energetically transmit Star Activations™ to those on the line and all you have to do is relax to receive the healing energies. 

Each tele-seminar is comparable to having your own private session since the lines are muted and you will only hear me as I channel and transmit the sacred energies! The power of the group energy on our conference line also exponentially expands the power of the Star Activation™!