Lotus Destiny Star Activation™ System

Lotus Destiny Star Activation™


The term “Star Activations” came to me as I started to draw sacred geometry.  Sacred Geometry are universal patterns of geometric shapes that carry a high vibration.  They are a make up of our DNA strands and our reality.

I discovered through communicating with my higher dimensional guides that the Sacred Geometry that I channel are called Star Activations.  The Sacred Geometry acts as a Stargate channel that sends a powerful vortex of light energy, connecting you to your universal and cosmic truth; your “I AM” vibration.  This assists in removing karma, old programming that is longer serving your soul’s mission, and fear-based emotions.  You experience healing on all levels of your bodies, balancing the Divine Masculine energy, and the Divine Feminine energy within you.

At the time of your healing, each Star Activation holds a key where you connect directly with your guides, creating a divine, profound, and deep healing experience.

Do you know what your natural gifts and talents are?
Do you need clarity on how to express your true divine self?
Do you know that you have something unique to offer?
If you are ready to express your I AM vibration, this is the key to open up your channels!

What are the benefits?

  • Clear old programming and blocks
  • Recover your greatness and power
  • Heal your money story
  • Claim your gifts and talents
  • Increase awareness
  • Increase your consciousness
  • Attract and magnetize through your radiance

Lotus Destiny Star Activation™Lotus Destiny Star Activation™Lotus Destiny Star Activation™Lotus Destiny Star Activation™Lotus Destiny Star Activation™Lotus Destiny Star Activation™

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