Star Activation™ System



Star activations are architectural drawings of healing light, sound and frequencies.  These drawings often look like sacred geometry patterns, and transmit these healing light, sound and frequencies so that you have an energy clearing.


  • Re-align to your souls purpose
  • Clear blocks in relationship and business
  • Release stagnant energies keeping you from your authentic self
  • Tap into vitality and your own healing abilities
  • A lifetime reminder of who you authentically are


Everyone has a soul blueprint, the question is… do you know what yours is?  A soul blueprint is a sacred geometric drawing of the energy you were born into this lifetime with, it’s like an architecture drawing of your soul. By accessing your own unique geometric pattern of the energy blueprint you were born with, it enables you to dial into your gifts, talents and destiny. Often there are aspects of your soul that lay dormant or not fully realized and when you receive your personal star activation, these aspects come to life and are fully integrated. When you receive your soul blueprint, you have first an initial assessment by Baljit where she begins tapping into your energy field.  From there your Soul Blueprint is created, when it is delivered to you it includes a 1/2 hour session so that any blocks in receiving your soul blueprint activation can be released, and your natural born talents and gifts integrated.  The write up that accompanies your soul blueprint ensures you are able to tap into it whenever you desire. This is a value packed energy clearing and activation.  If you are seeking clarity or direction in your life, or are experiencing blocks from achieving what you know to be your destiny – then this is for you.

Here are a few amazing visionaries who have received their own personal Star Activation Soul Blueprint 

Allison Braun
Business Coach & Mentor
Brian Lydiatt
Stuntman – Film Industry

He also got his Soul Blueprint tattooed on his arm!

April May Bellia
CEO at KarmaConnect and Founder of Granola Girl


In this package you will recieve 2-30 minute design consultations, 1 prior to creating your personal Star Activation Soul Blueprint™, and 1 after to review and finalize.  In addition, prior to your review you will be sent a write up about your Soul Blueprint. (Please note that all Soul Blueprints are in black and white.)
Receive a Star Activation Soul Blueprint™ with your investment of $750

STAR ACTIVATION Soul Blueprint™ Package

To support you in your Soul’s calling, I’m excited to share with you an amazing offering.  Here is what you will receive in this incredible integrative journey in awakening who you really are:

  1. Receive your very own Star Activation Soul Blueprint. This consist of two 30min design consultations to create your Soul Blueprint, and an intuitive guided write up about your Soul’s calling and gifts.
  2. Receive a 1 hour Soul Blueprint Reading. This private session will be done by Skype or by phone as we receive messages from your Akashic Record Keepers, Ascended Masters and Teachers and all of your Guides to support you in anchoring in fragments and alignment of your soul self.

Are you ready to call in your soul fragments, receive clarity, and finally build what your soul has been longing for?

Receive your Star Activation Soul Blueprint package with an investment of $1,150 ($100 Savings)