The last two weeks has been a full force of energy causing major ascension symptoms of grief, pain, and other emotions to come up as the year is gearing to wrap up for 2016.

Past and present relationship dynamics with the masculine and feminine are emerging to reveal your deepest and darkest shadows that have been keeping you in toxic cycles. 

These shadows are asking for truth and healing on a cellular level.

A relationship, situation, or project may not have panned out as you thought it would, but know that you are being prepared for a bigger launch and your soul required a warm up.  

This warm up was to show you that if something did not work out the way you expected it to be, your creations have not been lost, your dreams have not been lost, your gifts have not been lost, and neither your power.

When you become attached to an outcome it brings a trigger response to your wounding based on your childhood upbringing, and other lifetimes of issues around self acceptance and self worth creating an illusion of loss.

As the wounds reappear, instead of being aware of where it came from, you may have sought acceptance outside of yourself because you already made it mean that you ‘lost’ your power, and the power is outside of you.  

The truth is you can never lose your power.  Your power is light, and truth.  You can dim it down based on your limiting thoughts, or light it back up through self acceptance.

When you choose to accept your own power, you expand your energy and allow the universe to support you.


One Response to “Nothing is lost everything is transformed”

  1. Nora says:

    Love this! Poignant & authentic. A terrific reminder.