Come and join me for a transformative sassy juicy intensive called The Sensual Goddess Series

In this 1 day journey you will explore, heal and transform the misconceptions of your sexual energy to attracting healthy relationships on all levels that serve you in honouring your goddess self.

With the Fall Equinox this is will allow you to magnify your intentions and to celebrate your goddess sensual self in this sacred circle.


Akashic Record Healing Circle w/ Baljit Rayat

From morning till lunch you will be exploring in your Akashic Records on deep seated programmings that block you from fully stepping into your sensuous power. By healing these deep seated programmings you are allowing yourself to tap into your creative energy by choosing to remove your illusions and cultivating your souls desires. Your Akashic Records is the deepest healing tool that holds all the information about your soul, and by accessing them, You are able to fully align to your Soul’s purpose, release any limiting patterns Being all that you are, and Co-create your new reality.


Goddess Potluck Lunch

This sacred hour is to nourish with soul food made with love to connect and share your light with your soul sisters. This will be activating your heart center to building strong soul sisterhood connection and self nurturance.


The Art of Henna

Henna is a natural plant dye applied to the skin that looks like a tattoo however stays on your skin temporarily.

It is a part of many cultural traditions in the east and is used on women as a form of art to express beauty.  It is also considered a blessing and also contains many symbols as a form of self expression and creativity.

This afternoon consists of a sacred ceremony to call in new energies by applying henna to activate expression and celebration to your creativity and sensuality.

You will explore a deeper connection to yourself and see what hidden jewels reveals itself as you express your creativity through henna.

So are you ready to celebrate, gain strength, courage and wisdom to Being a Sensual Goddess?

Register today to book your sacred spot!

Investment: $80 (Early Bird $50 till September 1st)

Location: Rhodes Wellness College,Suite 280 – 1125 Howe St,

Looking forward to celebrating with you!


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