Come and join me on Tuesday February 18th from 6pm pst -9pm pst for a powerful virtual Akashic Records healing circle where you can dial in from the comfort of your own home anywhere around the the world to experience transformation in fully embodying your Sacred Visionary Power.

You will receive individual healing to transform your blocks into new energies that serves your higher good, thus healing everyone collectively in the group.

The hot topics that you will learn about and receive clearings on are:

  • Removing your fear of visibility
  • Embracing your gifts and talents
  • Grounding your gifts and talents into the physical plane
  • Removing your blocks to receiving universal support
  • And more!

This is a powerful VIP experience to immediately transform your current reality into a greater outcome so that you can finally accept and honour your Creative Visionary power!

What are the Akashic Records?

Your Akashic Records is the deepest healing tool that holds all the information about your soul, and by accessing them, you are able to fully align to your Soul’s purpose, release any limiting beliefs and patterns, and co-create your new reality.

By removing limiting beliefs in your Akashic Records you are healing on a cellular level in which your reality of illusion shifts to reality of truth.

So are you ready to celebrate, gain strength, courage and wisdom to Being in your Sacred Creative Visionary Power?

I have room for only 8 people for this amazing VIP experience, so be sure to book your spot as spaces will fill up quickly.

Register today for your investment of $97.


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