Are You ready to Discover Your Soul Blueprint, Claim Your Power Place on this Planet, this Galaxy, and Beyond to Express Who You Really Are?

Join me on an amazing integrative journey in receiving your very own custom Soul Blueprint template accompanied by 4 soul aligned group calls to support you in embodying your purpose and your divine innate gifts.

Each soul has a uniqueness to express their purpose on this planet.  You will learn what your soul’s expression is and how to communicate with others in your upmost authentic way by embodying your own uniqueness that is your light language.  Your light language is the frequency that is attuned to your highest potential, your “I AM” vibration.  Imagine you are a channel on a radio station.  If your frequency is not attuned to your highest potential your channel becomes static.  When you anchor into the power of your light language your channel is clear, and easily accessible to those that would like to tune into your radio station.  As you accept your light language you embody your OWN unique gifts in creating greater results to your vision.


What are Soul Blueprints?





Soul Blueprints are universal patterns of sacred geometry, light, colour, and sound that carry a high vibration that assists you in removing karma, old programming, and blocks aligning you back to your soul’s purpose and expressing your innate gifts.

With my past background in architecture each structure that I drew had its own unique design that required a plan to build.  This was called a blueprint.  Your soul has an architectural blueprint to guide you on a path of empowerment by living your destiny.

 Do you often…

  • Compare yourself to others
  • Hide in your business or in relationships
  • Feel confused of what your soul’s purpose and gifts are
  • Feel alone on your path
  • Have a difficult time being visible or grounded
  • Feel that you have something very powerful to share but don’t know how to express yourself

Welcome to Your Home Coming…

  • Receive clarity of your Soul’s Purpose
  • Receive clarity of your Divine Innate Gifts
  • Receive clarity of how to express your light language
  • Clear your blocks in relationships, business AND Visibility
  • Align and Express to who you REALLY are!

Here is what you are going to receive in this incredible integrative journey as I transmit your Soul Blueprint energy to Awaken Who You Are:

  1. Receive your own Soul Blueprint template.  This consist of two 30min design consultations on Skype to create your Soul Blueprint in preparation for your group calls.
  2. 4-weekly 60min alignment calls with Live Q&A intuitive healing.  This includes visuals of each participant’s Soul Blueprint to receive support from the collective.  Calls will begin Wednesday, June 25th at 5:30pm PST.
  3. Recording of all your calls

Feeling overwhelmed or a little curious?

You will receive weekly SUPPORT from me so you can experience your magic of confidence, beauty, creativity, healthy relationships, and positive abundance!

You know that it’s time to connect to your Soul Blueprint and RECEIVE all the love, support, guidance that YOU deserve. Don’t you think its time to finally put your needs first and be a stand for your greatness? Imagine yourself surrounded by 10 others who are 100% there to empower and support you.

Normally this program would be $2,000, however I am so passionate in supporting you to integrate your soul’s purpose and expressing your gifts fully.  I am excited to share with you that this program investment is only $597 with a choice of a 2 month payment plan!

I only have 10 spots for this program, so be sure to register by June 11 which will be the deadline for registrations.

Full Payment Subscription
$597 2 Payments @320 per month

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