annette blenkarn and baljit rayat

5-week Intensive Tele-seminar Program

Femininity is a power we all posses, it’s knowing to wield it in both the bedroom and business that can bring us our deepest desires in all areas of life.

We have forgotten how to access our femininity which results in disconnection.  When we are connected to that essence natural alchemy occurs and things COME TO YOU, instead of you chasing for it.

Imagine this, you are in bed with your lover.  Your desire is to reach that sweet pinnacle of orgasm.  Do you constantly go into your head and ask your lover what they are doing, how they are doing it, and question how that will give you an orgasm.  OR do you trust your lover will fulfill your desire?

Receiving your desire doesn’t mean to don’t do anything.  You guide your lover through requests, but you are remaining OPEN to RECEIVE without attachment.

Often in life, we constantly are asking ourselves or source “how is this going to happen”, “what happening now”, “will this really work out”, and ultimately the question at the root of all feminine questions “am I safe”.

When you are not feeling safe, here is what it will look like inside the bedroom and business:

  • You are in constant fear of how money is going to show up
  • You control your lover and friends
  • You control how things show up
  • There is push pull struggle in business
  • You feel disconnected to your truth
  • You find that you handle business “like a man”
  • You feel disconnected to your sexuality
  • You are constantly on the hamster wheel “working hard”
  • And you are always second guessing your gut, leaving you feeling disempowered and confused
  • You feel like you either have to be in a traditional women role of mother or wife, OR you are a successful career women, but you can’t have both with ease
  • You feel isolated from other women

Women are meant to work in collaboration with one another.  This amps up the energy of financial flow and creative flow.  Through doing so MORE success is gravitated towards women.  However, in our current society we have been taught to be in competition with one another.  Whether that is in business OR EVEN in relationship with attracting men.  This needs to be corrected in order to be in alignment to your truest desires.

Right now, in business and the bedroom we are taught that ‘dominating’ is sexy.  Dominating is not being in active receptivity, dominating is a masculine role and requires allot of energy output.

If we were to look at this in investment purposes with Return on Investment, what would you rather have?  Would you rather expend allot of energy out for ½ as much back OR would you rather extend ¼ energy out and have 4x as much back?  Your choice, this is the difference between embracing and cultivating your feminine or not.

This isn’t any NORMAL tele-seminar, this is an INTERACTIVE seminarwhere you will be able to ask directly in real-time your questions.  Interact with BOTH Annette and Baljit to be cleared on what most will serve you ON THE CALL LIVE!  It’s like a two for one deal!!  Get TWO healers clearing you for the price of ONE!!  AND when you work with a group dynamic, the energies cleared are amplified.

Be prepared to be cleared energetically in a whole new way!  This is an energy system Annette and Baljit have intuited, and clears very deeply very quickly.  This is a value packed program being conducted by two very powerful power sourcers.
Join us for a 5-part twice a week tele-seminar where Annette Blenkarn and Baljit Rayat will guide you through how to be empowered in business and the bedroom.

AS A SPECIAL BONUS:  You will also receive your own copies of each teleseminar so that you can always re-listen to the session(s) at any time you are feeling a clearing with a  specific topic is need WAYYY AFTER the program is even done!!  It’s the program that never stops giving!!! 


BONUS CALL: Monday, March 11tth – Welcome!

Tuesday, March 12th {Clearing the Projection of Success}

Thursday, March 14th {Tuning into your Authentic Self}

Tuesday, March 19th {Removing energies of Deflecting Awareness}

Thursday, March 21st {Tuning into your Inner All-knowing Goddess}

Tuesday, March 26th {Clearing Co-Dependency}

Thursday, March 28th {Tuning into Being open to Recieve}

Tuesday, April 2nd {Clearing the Inner Critic}

Thursday, April 4th {Learning how to be in your body}

Tuesday, April 9th {Clearing Mis-management of Sexual Energy}

Thursday, April 11th {Claiming your Wild Women}

VALUE = $2750.00

Your investment: $1297 with option of three month payment plan of $500

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