• Are you feeling ‘boxed-in’ with your career?
• Are you struggling in your relationships?
• Are you unsure how to get to the next level in your career and relationships?

Receive guidance and clarity from two intuitive experts with how to cause quantum results through tangible action steps by harnessing sensuality in ALL areas of your life!

Speakers Annette Blenkarn of Bewitched Business Strategies Inc. and Baljit Rayat of Lotus Destiny will engage you in a free tele-seminar on December 10th at 4pm pst.You will learn how to implement woman’s divine sensuality in all areas of your life:

• Learn what real sensuality is
• Learn tips and techniques for the bedroom
• Learn how to bring the energy from your bedroom into your business in a way that is aligned to true feminine empowerment and not the old paradigm belief systems that
female sensuality is manipulation, dominance and control
• Learn how to be in yin receptivity so that what you desire, IN and OUT of the BEDROOM, can come to you.

Register here with this link below:


See you on the call!


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