Akashic Records Level 1 Certification

Are you ready to empower yourself with the deepest level of healing and divine guidance available to YOU so that your soul can journey through infinite possibilities as you live in full alignment with your path?

The Soul Journeys® Method of Akashic Record Consultations was created by Jennifer Longmore after many years of facilitating over 20,000 multidimensional healings through her various sacred tools, including the Akashic Records. Now, it is time to share this method with you! I am excited to announce this exclusive opportunity to participate in the Akashic Record Certification Program where you will not only learn to access your own Record, but also gain Certification towards becoming an Akashic Record Teacher & Consultant so that you can BE in your greatness and share who you are with others; this is part of being of service as a global/universal citizen!!! The Soul Journeys® Akashic Record Certification Program has three levels: LEVEL 1:  This is a miracle-rich, 5-part training designed to teach you how to instantly access your own Record, so that you can access limitless divine guidance and healing around such topics as:

  • The power of the Akashic Records and the infinite nature of the soul;
  • How to confidently access your Records and gain crystal clarity about how you receive your divine messages and how to best integrate this wisdom into your everyday life;
  • How to clear any limiting patterns and energy blocks that hold you back from BE-ing all that you are;
  • How to activate all of your divine gifts and co-creative abilities so that you can thrive in your greatness;
  • How to align to your soul’s purpose so that you can fully enJOY your most abundant, expansive, and enlightened path!
  • How to accelerate your soul’s mastery and so much more!

Level 1 June 24 & 25th 10-5pm PST both days Online Live Training (Training will be recorded as well) 

Full Payment: $497

2 Month Payment Plan: $249